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Destination Unknown: Taxi Ride with the SWPL Trophy

Written by Richard Edwards
May 22, 2023
Journal / Destination Unknown: Taxi Ride with the SWPL Trophy
Written by Richard Edwards
May 22, 2023
SWPL1 Trophy designers and makers - all trophies
SWPL1 Trophy - Fiona McIntyre sqr taxi
SWPL Trophies Designers Makers Thomas Lyte (Fiona MacIntyre - Managing Director)
“This was a hugely important aspect of establishing the new SWPL and its brand. We felt it was important to have three new trophies, reflecting the new era, that are bespoke to the SWPL. We hope, and believe, that over time these trophies will become equally iconic and synonymous with the elite women’s game here in Scotland.
“For us, Thomas Lyte really stood out due to their portfolio of work historically but also their passion to be involved and support the SWPL, through their creative design options. They have vast experience of working with huge brands and world-famous competitions. They understood what we wanted, and I truly believe they have created trophies that represent the strength of women’s game now and in the future.”
Fiona McIntyre, Managing Director at SWPL
“When I heard the fans cheering, it was the happiest moment. I thought we were going to do it. We’ll have to get ourselves back and realise that we are second and at least we’re in the Champions League. It’s a hard thing to take because the girls did everything they needed to.”
Fran Alonso, Head Coach of Celtic F.C. Women
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