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Combining traditional skills with modern methods

Thomas Lyte is a Royal Warrant holder as silversmiths and goldsmiths to Her Majesty the Queen. A contemporary luxury brand disrupting a traditional industry, we have quickly established a reputation as world-class designers and makers of exquisite bespoke silverware. If you watch our master silversmiths and apprentices in action at their workbenches, you will see them use a mixture of modern technology, such as 3D printers and scanners, and a range of tools and techniques with origins that date back to Roman times – hot forging, chasing, hand-engraving, planishing hammers, anvils, and vices. The introduction of modern methods truly transforms the crafting process, acting as a catalyst for innovation across both design and creation.

History in the Making

Passionate about bold design

At Thomas Lyte’s London-based workshops, we design and handcraft innovative and exquisite creations in silver and gold for discerning private clients and organisations. Our experienced in-house design team intimately understand metal and the processes that our craft team use to make some of the world’s most recognisable sporting trophies and elegant bespoke commissions. We have been privileged to work with royalty and governments, and some of the most esteemed companies, sporting institutions, societies and clubs. As a company dedicated to handcrafted gold and silverware, we are responsible for some of the world’s most iconic trophies including the Emirates FA Cup, the Guinness Six Nations Trophy, the ATP Finals Trophies, and Riot Games’ Summoner’s Cup. Our designs are built upon appreciation for tradition and heritage. We work closely with customers to share their visions and support their objectives.

Our design team


Meet the makers

Our purpose-built state-of-the-art silver workshops in London are among the largest and most sophisticated silversmithing and goldsmithing facilities in Europe. Our staff are experts in the design and manufacture of custom commissions in precious metals. We understand how to translate creative artwork into exquisite bespoke silverware. As world class problem solvers, our team study the designs and identify a solution for each aspect of the commission, ensuring that the final piece is both robust and attractive. Meet the makers, and discover more below about our handcrafting process that combines modern technology with centuries of traditional skills.

Our workshops


The hallmark of champions

A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of noble metals to certify their content. It is your guarantee of quality. The existence of a hallmark means that the item has been independently tested by one of four UK Assay Offices authorized by the UK government to apply the hallmarks. It is not proof of origin or place of manufacture of an item. Needless to say that all Thomas Lyte hallmarked silver and gold commissions are handmade in London. Our hallmark is a full traditional British hallmark that tells its own story through a series of traditional symbols.

Hallmarks and provenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I commission work?

Get in touch. Use our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 207 751 8844. Our dedicated team of account managers are delighted to be of assistance. We will ask whether you have an existing design or wish for us to design for you. We will also ask for your budget and what date you need the piece to be completed. It’s okay to not have all the answers, but the more information you can give will help us to identify the scope of the project and quickly fit it into our design and workshop schedule.

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