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Louis Vuitton Americas Cup Playoff Challengers trophy Designers and Makers Thomas Lyte

Experts of design with precious metals

The World’s greatest trophies, awards, medals and commissions start with a great concept and design. Our in-house design team are among the brightest minds in the industry, well-equipped to design from scratch on your behalf. In many cases we also work alongside our clients’ design team or directly with agencies. We are experts in the design and manufacture of custom commissions in precious metals. We understand how to translate creative artwork into exquisite bespoke silverware.

Working with a member of our design team, the initial vision comes from the customer. Our designs are built upon appreciation for tradition and heritage, art and architecture, sport and culture, nature and travel, refined down to specific styles, shapes and textures. We typically generate 3-5 concepts for your review. In many cases we will offer a full-size 3D printed model of the final design which allows you to get a fully immersive feel for the piece.

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Meet the makers

We at Thomas Lyte have earned a reputation as a world-class awards designer and makers of exquisite bespoke silverware. We achieve this by investing in our talented staff and our purpose-built silver workshops in London. With every commission, we guarantee that you will receive a stunning masterpiece made of the finest materials, by the world’s most talented team of craftsmen and -women. To achieve excellence is a company-wide commitment. Our hard-earned reputation depends on it. Meet the makers, and discover more about our company’s values and our handcrafting process that combines modern technology with centuries of traditional skills.

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Sustainable Silversmith Goldsmith - Thomas Lyte

Sustainably sourced

Inspired by our Royal Warrant and our Planet Mark commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, we actively pursue an ethical and sustainable approach that allows us to create unique handcrafted gold- and silverware as we also reduce our impact on the planet. We responsibly source raw materials and packaging. We choose sustainable shipping options. We use renewable energy resources in our workshops. We recycle by-products of the fabrication process. And we reduce our waste by reusing and recycling packaging materials. Read more about our sustainability journey.



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Our dedicated team of account managers are delighted to be of assistance. Get in touch. Use our contact form or call us on +44(0) 207 751 8844. We respond to enquiries quickly via your chosen contact method. We will ask whether you have an existing design or wish for us to design for you. We will also ask for your budget and what date you need the project to be completed. It’s okay to not have all the answers, but the more information you can give will help us to identify the scope of the project and quickly fit it into our design and workshop schedule. Read more about how to commission silverware.

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