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Sustainable silversmith and trophy maker Thomas Lyte

Our Workshops

State-of-the-art silver workshops

Our purpose-built state-of-the-art silver workshops in London are among the largest and most sophisticated silversmithing and goldsmithing facilities in Europe. We are a luxury silver and gold company, privileged to work with royalty and governments, and some of the most esteemed companies, sporting institutions, societies and clubs. Our talented team of craftspeople produce beautiful bespoke masterpieces and many of the world’s most iconic sporting trophies. We bring your ideas to life in outstanding detail using only the finest materials.


Traditional craft, innovative solutions

A contemporary luxury brand disrupting a traditional industry, we have quickly established a reputation as world-class designers and makers of exquisite silverware. Our team of master craftspeople are bespoke silver and gold specialists and among the most talented artisans and metalworkers in the world. They produce exciting, elegant and inspiring works, all crafted by hand. Brimming with experience, the master silversmiths and goldsmiths are complimented by spinners, polishers, platers, chasers and engravers. If you watch our team in action at their workbenches, you will see them use a mixture of modern technology, such as 3D printers and scanners, and a range of tools and techniques with origins that date back to Roman times – hot forging, chasing, hand-engraving, planishing hammers, anvils and vices. They spend countless hours hammering hot metal, filing and sanding down imperfections, soldering and assembling components together, polishing and plating to a fine luxurious finish. The introduction of modern methods to this traditional industry truly transforms the crafting process, acting as a catalyst for innovation across both design and creation.


Purpose-built for bespoke commissions

Our staff are experts in the design and manufacture of custom commissions in precious metals. We understand how to translate creative artwork into exquisite bespoke silverware. As world-class problem solvers, our team study the designs and identify a solution for each aspect of the commission, ensuring that the final piece is both robust and attractive. Thomas Lyte’s silver workshops are purpose-built to accommodate these unexampled handcrafted projects from start to finish. The team are well-equipped with tooling, technology, and machinery that ensures we have a solution for every challenge. This ensures that the quality of our work is always of the highest standard.


The highest standard for quality control

Few things concern us more than quality. Our hard-earned reputation depends on it. With every commission, we guarantee that you will receive a stunning masterpiece made of the finest materials, by the world’s most talented team of craftsmen and -women. During each step of the making process, each piece is continuously scrutinised, and peer-reviewed before it leaves each craftsperson’s bench, using a stringent set of quality control procedures. Our dedicated quality technicians inspect each piece in minute detail to ensure that it meets our own impeccable standards and every customer specification. Once satisfied, three senior members of staff must approve and sign it off before it is handed to our in-house distribution team, who ensure that the piece is packaged securely and delivered safely to your door.

One of the largest silver workshops in Europe.

Filming at the Thomas Lyte Workshops

Workshop tours and promotional video shoots

Many are fascinated by the skill and expertise on display during traditional silversmithing and goldsmithing. Thomas Lyte wish to encourage that interest. As one of the most prestigious makers and suppliers of luxury silverware and gold-, we receive countless requests to visit our studio and workshop, and we try and keep our doors open as much as possible. Our marketing team are also on hand to facilitate video shoots during the making of your piece. As with all of our staff, they intimately understand the making process and can help your film crew to capture the most interesting moments, from the best angles, and prepare our craftspeople for interviews. If you would like a tour of our premises to experience the industry at work, or would like to organise filming, please get in touch via our contact us form or call +44 (0) 207 751 8844 and we will be delighted to assist you.