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Our Values

Preserving traditional skills to ensure our craft has a future

However much the world advances, there are some crafts that software and machines cannot replace. Despite the widespread availability of technology to make things faster, bigger, stronger and better, our gifted designers and master craftsmen and -women largely continue to rely on skills and knowledge developed and honed over millennia. We take responsibility for preserving the tools, disciplines, insight and our heritage that has been handed down by craftspeople in silversmithing and goldsmithing since ancient times. We continue to use and pass on these skills, so that they survive for future generations, actions guided by Thomas Lyte’s founding values that remain extremely close to the heart of our company today.

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Thomas Lyte values, Who made the FA Cup trophy

Pioneering new technology and alternative uses for existing techniques

We pioneer and develop the use of modern technology if it improves our capabilities and the quality of our products. By combining new techniques with traditional silversmithing and goldsmithing tools and skills we discover new answers to age-old problems, defining contemporary art and craft. We use 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing to complement our handcrafting skills. With these capabilities we not only cut lead times; we improve our processes, eliminate margins of error and help to visualise pieces before we create them. Our team has also found alternative uses for processes such as electroforming and wire erosion. Although not strictly modern, we use these existing processes in unique ways to bring to life designs that may have previously been impossible to make.

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Reducing our impact on the planet, pushing for Net Zero

We actively pursue an ethical and sustainable approach that allows us to create unique handcrafted gold- and silverware as we also reduce our impact on the planet. We responsibly source raw materials and packaging. We choose sustainable shipping options. We use renewable energy resources in our workshops. We recycle by-products of the fabrication process. And we reduce our waste by reusing and recycling packaging materials. Thomas Lyte is a member of the Planet Mark sustainability certification program and has committed to cut carbon emissions year-on-year to achieve the ultimate goal of Net Zero status. We encourage and facilitate staff use of electric vehicles, with installed charging stations at both our workshops and headquarters, and we will soon adapt our fleet of delivery vans.

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Exceptional quality

At Thomas Lyte, we understand that our success begins and ends with you. Our customers are the greatest ambassadors for the Thomas Lyte brand as you generously acclaim our work and recommend our services to others in all corners of the world. From the initial concept to the final creation, we take great pride in every detail of each handcrafted piece we produce. With every commission, we guarantee that you will receive a stunning masterpiece made of the finest materials, by the world’s most talented team of craftsmen and -women. To achieve excellence is a company-wide commitment. Our hard-earned reputation depends on it.