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Case Studies / FIFAe World Cup Trophy


The FIFAE World Cup, is one of the most inclusive esports tournaments in existence. Players of EA Sport’s FIFA series from all over the world can compete in a bid to progress through the qualifiers with the hopes of competing in the most-watched and nerve-racking pinnacle event of the season – the final. A chance to lift the FIFAe World Cup Trophy. There can only be one champion.


Designers and Makers of the FIFAe World Cup Trophy

Thomas Lyte was honoured to be chosen as the designers and makers of the first FIFAe World Cup Trophy. The FIFAe World Cup is a tournament held by FIFA and its presenting partner EA Sports, players from across the globe compete in head-to-head matches of the latest incarnation of the hugely popular FIFA Video game franchise, in search of the best FIFA console player in the world.

FIFAe world cup custom esports trophy makers

Who made the FIFAe World Cup Trophy?

Designed by Thomas Lyte’s design team and hand crafted in Thomas Lyte’s world-renowned London Workshops from the finest silver and gold plate, the bespoke trophy stands at 50cm tall. The manufacturing process combined traditional silversmithing methods, including spinning, hand chasing, hand engraving, silver and gold plating and hand polishing. Overlaying these traditional skills our manufacturing team employed leading-edge, pioneering modern techniques.


Part of the family

The stunning new FIFA eWorld Cup is crafted with a central column featuring a distinct graphic inlay that is dramatically engraved. In contrast to the column’s satin finish, a sheet of highly polished silver plate spirals up the length of the trophy, atop of which sits a hand-engraved silver globe, a FIFA trophy family trait, which is adorned by a stylised golden crown, crafted in the image of the FIFAe World Cup logo.

“The FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018 provided an outstanding opportunity to drive forward the professionalisation of competitive FIFA gaming. The new FIFA eWorld Cup Trophy mirrors this ambition as a fantastic example of world class, elite master craftsmanship using the finest of materials.”

Jean-Francois Pathy, Director of Marketing Services for FIFA

About the FIFAe World Cup

The open qualifying format saw over 20 million participants compete in the initial online stages of the 2018 tournament.  This was a record for an online eSports game, recognised by the Guinness World Records. The Grand Final which was held in London at the O2 Arena over a 3-day period in August 2018 amassed a stunning 29 million digital viewers that saw Mosaad “Msdossary” Aldossary of Saudi Arabia triumph over 32 finalists to lift the new trophy and be crowned Global Champion.

Other Thomas Lyte elite esports trophies…

In addition to our work on the FIFAe World Cup, Thomas Lyte is proud to have designed and hand-crafted the eChampions League Trophy, the ePremier League Trophy, and two more prestigious esports trophies for Riot Games’ League of Legends, the Summoner’s Cup (Worlds) Trophy, and the LEC Trophy.


Meet the Makers

Our team make the conceivable possible, while preserving traditional skills, pioneering modern methods, and promoting authentic British craft across the globe. Combining the latest technologies with centuries of knowledge, Thomas Lyte’s silver workshops in London, England house world-class facilities for an elite team of designers and makers, masters of their craft. Learn about 3D printing, electroforming and other new technologies that our team have introduced to our sustainable handcrafting process.

Our Process

  • Year Crafted. 2018
  • Height. 50cm
  • Width. 21cm
  • Weight. 4.25kg

Materials. Sterling Silver + 24 Carat Gold Plate

Workshop Processes. Cleaning, Filing, Sanding, Chasing, Polishing, Plating And Engraving


The FIFAe World Cup Trophy

Thomas Lyte are proud to be the entrusted designers and makers of the FIFAe World Cup Trophy.

Take a glance at these fast facts about the esports member of the FIFA family.

  • Where was the FIFAe World Cup trophy made?
    The FIFAe World Cup Trophy was designed by Thomas Lyte’s in-house design team and hand crafted in Thomas Lyte’s world renowned London Workshops.
  • What is the FIFAe World Cup??
    The FIFAe World Cup (formerly the FIFA Interactive World Cup and the FIFA eWorld Cup) is an esports tournament held by FIFA and its presenting partner EA Sports. ach tournament has players competing in games of the latest incarnation of the FIFA association football video game series, battling it out to be crowned as the best player in the world.
  • What inspired the design?
    Thomas Lyte’s designers created this concept as a ‘beacon’, lighting the way forward for e-gaming worldwide. The contemporary, rising form of the trophy is topped with a gold crown which is representative of a games console controller.
  • Who is the most recent winner of the trophy?
    With the 2020 and 2021 tournaments cancelled due to the COVID:19 pandemic, the reigning champion is Mohammed Harkous from Germany, who lifted the trophy in 2019. The 2022 FIFAe World Cup will take place in Copenhagen on 14-17 July.
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