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United Cup trophy Unveiled in Perth Australia (held)

United Cup: New tennis trophy unveiled in Australia

Journal / United Cup: New tennis trophy unveiled in Australia
Written by Liam Malorey-Vibert
December 20, 2022
“Our craftspeople, and designers are so proud of this piece. It is one of our favourite commissions. Due to the interplay of the gold and silver, and the complex reflections from every angle, we believe that as well as having the potential to become a revered, iconic sporting trophy, the United Cup is truly a work of art,”
Neil MacLaurin, Thomas Lyte’s Director and former English cricketer
Designers and Makers of the United Cup workshop
“We wanted something that was instantly iconic, that was very special and unique for the United Cup. And we wanted something that really symbolises bringing together the male and female players… The bowl is symbolic of a prize made for sharing and bringing people together because ultimately this event is about bringing together the best male and the best female players to play for their country,”
Stephen Farrow, The United Cup’s Tournament Director
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