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AlUla is a place of extraordinary natural and human heritage, in North-West Saudi Arabia. The vast area includes a lush oasis valley, towering sandstone mountains and ancient cultural heritage sites dating back thousands of years. It is home to ‘the Ascot of camel racing’,
the AlUla Camel Cup.

The pinnacle of the Saudi Arabian camel racing season, the AlUla Camel Cup crowns the true ‘Champion of Champions.’


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Designers and Makers of the AlUla Camel Cup Trophy

The Queen’s silversmiths and goldsmiths, Thomas Lyte, are the designers and makers of the AlUla Camel Cup trophy. We are delighted to continue our long-standing and close relationship with camel racing in Saudi Arabia. Thomas Lyte were commissioned in 2023 to design and handcraft a trophy that fuses modern and ancient into silverware worthy of ‘the Ascot of camel racing.’ Manufactured in our London workshops, the stunning new trophy reflects the heritage, culture, and extraordinary beauty of AlUla, and one of the world’s most ancient sports.

AlUla Camel Cup Trophy Makers and designers thomas Lyte

Who designed the AlUla Camel Cup trophy?

Thomas Lyte are world-renowned custom trophy designers and makers, with the beautiful AlUla Camel Cup being the latest trophy to join our long list of some of the sporting world’s best-known and most-revered pieces of silverware.

The trophy is a reflection of both the sport itself and the location at which the AlUla Camel Cup is held. With a rich cultural history, this part of the Medina Province is one of the most historically significant places in the Middle East.

Trevor Brown, our lead silverware designer, worked exclusively with the team at RCU and AlUla Moments, taking inspiration from the majestic camel – including the finest details of its movements incorporated in decorative elements – AlUla, and the wider region itself.

“The AlUla Camel Cup trophy is a majestic, priceless piece of silverware – featuring camels, rock art, our logo, the desert, and AlUla – that pays homage to how prestigious the AlUla Camel Cup is, and the region’s beauty and allure.

“Elegance, grace, and stunning artistry emanate from every inch of the AlUla Camel Cup trophy, inspired by our destination, and it is a worthy prize to be presented to the inaugural ‘Champion of Champions’.

“The creation of this beautiful trophy has been a collaborative process between the Royal Commission for AlUla and Thomas Lyte, and we thank them for the dedication and skill they have shown in crafting the exquisite AlUla Camel Cup.”

Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer at RCU
AlUla Camel Cup Trophy Makers and designers thomas Lyte close up
AlUla Camel Cup Trophy Makers and designers thomas Lyte close up Hallmark
AlUla Camel Cup Trophy Makers and designers thomas Lyte making

The key elements of a trophy which is already establishing itself as one of the most prestigious in Saudi sport, are the designs that adorn it. These feature depictions of camels, rock art and the camels themselves. All come together to graphically reflect the beauty of both AlUla’s landscape and the history of the area it’s situated in – a location that is now also synonymous with top level sport, culture and the arts.

The trophy is handed to the ‘Champion of Champions’ of camel racing, at the conclusion of an event that has already captured the imagination in Saudi Arabia and beyond.



“The genius of this trophy lies in the way that it has been created, combining traditional skills with innovative modern methods. Some of the skills used go back to pre-Roman times and have been incorporated with state-of-the-art techniques such as 3D printing, scanning, and engraving.

“At Thomas Lyte, we feel that is particularly befitting for AlUla and the AlUla Camel Cup, an event that very much reflects the merging of tradition and modernity. We have relished the fantastic challenge of bringing thousands of years of history to life in this resplendent modern-era trophy.”

Kevin Baker, CEO and Founder of Thomas Lyte
AlUla Camel Cup Trophy Makers and designers thomas Lyte close up 2

Making the AlUla Camel Cup Trophy

The AlUla Camel Cup trophy took hundreds of craft-hours for Thomas Lyte’s craftsmen to complete. Handcrafted at one of the largest silver workshops in Europe, 10 world-class silversmiths and goldsmiths brought each of their unique skills to the trophy-making process, bringing to life the beautiful bespoke silverware commission. These crafting skills cover all aspects of silversmithing and goldsmithing, such as hot forging, spinning, planishing, polishing, plating, engraving and more.

The ‘Champion of Champions’ will be crowned on ground which was once one of the main stops on the ancient Incense Road and pilgrimage route. The Thomas Lyte trophy depicts many of the elements that make AlUla so unique.

The location of the event itself is a fusion or ancient of modern – and the techniques used to create this modern and bespoke prize mirror those surroundings. At Thomas Lyte, our team takes pride in combining the very best in modern technology with age-old techniques, some of which date back to the earliest days of AlUla itself.

About AlUla Camel Cup

With an SAR80 million ($21m) prize pool, the highest in the world per round of camel racing, the AlUla Camel Cup event is held under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Chairman of the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU). The event was hosted for the first time in 2023 and was organized by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) as part of the AlUla Moments calendar, in collaboration with the Saudi Camel Racing Federation (SCRF).

Other Thomas Lyte trophies in the Middle East…

Thomas Lyte are honoured to have designed and made many iconic new trophies for sport across the region of the Middle East, including silverware for the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup and the International League T20 trophy, among others.  Our fine silver workshops also produced the AFC Asian Cup men’s and women’s trophies and the AFC Champions League trophy.

AlUla Camel Cup Trophy - In AlUla - Designers Makers - Thomas Lyte
the Auld Alliance Trophy being crafted

Meet the Makers

Our team make the conceivable possible, while preserving traditional skills, pioneering modern methods, and promoting authentic British craft across the globe. Combining the latest technologies with centuries of knowledge, Thomas Lyte’s silver workshops in London, England house world-class facilities for an elite team of designers and makers, masters of their craft. Learn about 3D printing, electroforming and other new technologies that our team have introduced to our sustainable handcrafting process.

Our Process

Alula – Cup-illustartion
  • Year Crafted. 2023

Materials. Sterling Silver + 24 Carat Gold Plate

Workshop Processes. Spinning, 3D Printing, Casting, Filing, Sanding, Polishing, Plating, and Engraving


AlUla Camel Cup Trophy

Thomas Lyte are proud to be the designers and makers of the AlUla Camel Cup trophy.

  • What is the AlUla Camel Cup made from?
    Hallmarked sterling silver and 24 carat gold-plate.
  • Who Designed and Made the AlUla Camel Cup?
    As Royal Warrant holders to Her Late Majesty The Queen, Thomas like designed and made the AlUla Camel Cup Trophy in their London workshop.
  • Where is the AlUla Camel Cup held?
    The competition is held in the Medina Province of Saudi Arabia.
  • What is engraved on the trophy?
    The trophy showcases the rich heritage of the Medina Province. Among the features are triangles as seen on Hegra Antiquity, and at it’s base there is an expert engraving of rock art.
  • How old is the AlUla Camel Cup?
    Thomas Lyte were commissioned to craft the trophy in 2023.
  • How long did it take to make?
    The AlUla Camel Cup trophy took hundreds of craft-hours for Thomas Lyte’s craftsmen to complete.
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